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Yard Sale Hopping Part I

I had so much fun this morning.  I usually plan out my morning, but today I decided to wing it and I'm SO glad I did!  Here's what I found:

I don't normally purchase food items at yard sales, but the bags were sealed, there were no punctures to the bags and the yard sale was very neat and organized.  When I make something with this flour, I'll be the guinea pig and make sure I don't die or get poisoned from it before giving it to anyone else.
I love the quality of Bob's Red Mill products.
Both bags of flour were 50 cents each and don't expire for another month.
I better get baking!!

Cool map clock for $2.00

12 pads of paper and scotch tape for $1.75

These next items were from my last stop of the day.  It was kind of hidden back on the side of the road. I found some fun things there.

2 shelves for 50 cents each (there were still price tags on it for $9.99 each)

I picked up this jersey dress for 25 cents.
I plan on making a scarf with it.

I couldn't believe the prices on these books.  They were selling all books for 10 cents each.
I liked the colors and titles on these books.

Here's some close-ups.

I was totally fascinated by these little books and had to buy them.

All of these books were only $2.60!

Before I left, they told me to come back tomorrow because they're putting more out.  Oh no... twist my arm... You might see more pictures tomorrow.


Wendy said...

Those shelves have some great potential!

And I LOVE those books! Especially the little ones.

Olive Rue said...

You got some really good stuff. I love the old book.

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