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Disorganized to Organized.... Ahhhhhh

I'm back in class so there's not much time to create anything between studying and working... :(  Bummer.

The weekend is when I get all of my assignments done, so I've decided to work on small projects as a reward to myself after I finish a paper.

Here's my first small project of the weekend.

I recently made this purse:

I love using it, but the disorganization inside has been driving me crazy.  I tried organizing it by putting everything in little pouches, but even the pouches became a jumbled mess at the bottom of the bag.  Yuck!

I made this tonight.

And so that nasty mess became this.

Now I don't have to miss calls anymore because I was fishing for my phone! Now I can grab my wallet in a quick second and not look like a magician pulling random bags out of my "hat".  The best part is, when I switch purses I can just grab the insert and go!


Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

The purse & organizer are adorable!!! I so wish I could sew!! I think that people would definitely snatch those up!

laurylaro said...

great idea!! I need to make one of those!

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