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Estate Sale Finds

I was going to stay home today, but I was lured out by pictures that were posted for a local estate sale. Since today was the last day of the sale, everything was 1/2 off.  Score!

Two clocks: Left $1.50, Right $2.50
See my quick transformation of one of the clocks HERE.

Full cans of primer:$1.00 a can... I'm sooo going to use these on my next project.

Two vintage irons: $5.00 a piece.
I'm going to use these as book ends.

?Vintage? suitcase $2.00
It's in pristine condition.  I'm going to store my fabric in here.

My FAVORITE things I did not find at an estate sale, yard sale, or thrift store.  I found them in my mailbox.  My mom surprised me and mailed me a box FULL-o-goodies.
I've been wanting pin frogs FOR-E-VER.
These were my grandmother's frogs.

I love the unique shapes of these two.

Now I can display some of my favorite cards!

This one made me tear up.  It still makes me tear up.  My mom said that she's been saving this for me for a long time.  My grandfather (who I was named after) worked as a mechanic at Carnation Milk for years and retired from there.  I have fond memories of going to visit him at work.  He used to take my sis and I over to the huge freezer and let us choose one of any ice cream we wanted.  He usually picked one out too and sat and enjoyed it with us.  It's been 3 years since he passed away.  I still miss him.
My mom took this patch off of one of his overalls.
Now it is mine to treasure!

I've been thinking of trying to make an apron for myself that I'll use when I'm working on my projects. (If you know of a tutorial for an easy fitted apron, let me know)  It would be so perfect to sew this patch on to it.  My grandpa was such a handy and brilliant man.  I know that he would have appreciated hearing about all of the DIY projects I've worked on. So I think it would only be fitting to have a piece of him with me while I'm working on projects.

I'm linking up to Thrifty Thursday and Dalomba Days.


Rita@CurbsideCreations said...

I love the story of your grandpa. That is very sweet! And I also like your estate sale finds. Those are awesome pieces!

Traci said...

Nori,that is so precious that you got your grandpa's name patch. I can't wait to see how you use it on your apron. And btw, did you make the card you displayed? It's beautiful!

Nori said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Trace, the card was made by my super creative, dear friend Carmen. I agree... it's beautiful. It's my favorite!

Stephanie said...

I love how you redid that clock, it looks awesome!

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