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Here's a Tip Tuesday-- Adding a 3rd Column to Your Blog

Does working on your computer ever make you feel like this?
I've felt like this quite often.  Ask my dad.  Poor guy has received many a text messages and desperate phone calls regarding my computer woes.  He's even made a couple of emergency trips to Southern Cal from Northern Cal to fix my problems (isn't he great????).  So the fact that I finally jumped in with both feet and decided to start a blog was shocking (well to me at least).  
I believe the common thread between us DIY women is the fact that we don't shy away from a challenge and we approach every task head on with the attitude that we can figure it out one way or another.  In my quest to figure things out, I always Google. {{I lub Google}}  How many others out there have been proclaimed "Google Queens" by your friends or family members??  
So in my latest quest to add another dimension to my blog by adding another column, what did I do?  I Googled of course!  And I found the best site and the most helpful guy.  Now I have NEVER dealt with HTML's and quite honestly, the thought of attacking that made me break out in a sweat.  But I took a deep breath and made my way through his easy to read instructions and.... I did it!!!!  Check me out!  Did you check out my coolio new columns on <---- BOTH sides ---->  I could be a computer programer now!  Well... not really.  That would cause me to have a nervous breakdown.   I'll stick to baking and painting.
So if you'd like to take the plunge and add a 3rd column to your blog, here's a few tips:
  1. Start HERE
  2. When you've completed that, go HERE (didn't I tell you he's awesome?? He added that link after my question)
  3. After you've been successful, show him some love and leave him a comment
  4. Leave ME a comment with your link so I can check you out being all computer savy!
I hope that sharing these links with you have made you feel this way about your computer.
In the spirit of DIYism, you can either create one of these contraptions, 
or just reach around and give yourself a pat on the back... GREAT JOB!! :)

1 comment:

Better After said...

Hi there Nori! I featured your toolchest on my blog today! I'm also loving your cabinet redo. (planning to post that one later!) Thanks so much!

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