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Here's a Tip Tuesday-- Pretty Feet

I told you my tips will be all over the map.  ;)
My feet are claustrophobic... well, not really but I love open-toed shoes and in So Cal you can get away with that 11 months a year.  Since they're out in the open, I am obsessed with keeping them pretty.  I could do them myself, but as I get older my back kills me when I'm bent over painting my nails.  I don't want to pay $$$$ so this is what I have been doing for years.
Tip: How to keep your feet painted all month for less than the cost of 1 pedicure. 
Here's my nail bucket:
These are my can't-live-without supplies:
  • Creative's Cuticle Remover: Soak your feet and then apply.  Let sit for a couple of minutes and then you can either use the cuticle pusher or a wet towel to remove your cuticles.
  • Nail Polish Dryer: for those people who don't have the time to wait for paint to dry.  Just spray and go. 
Don't you hate chipped nails? 
Use this combo and you'll be chippy-free. 
  • Nail Life Gripper Basecoat: Keeps your polish sticking to your nails
  • Out the Door Topcoat: Leaves a beautiful professional shine, use twice a week to keep your pretty toes protected. 
Here's my bi-weekly routine:
  • Clean up my nails (remove cuticles and trim nails) 
  • Apply basecoat
  • Visit my local nail salon for a polish $5 (I bring my own polish and top coat)
  • Get a massage in the salon chair while waiting for my nails to dry
  • Catch up on all the celebrity smut magazines or read a book while waiting for my nails to dry
  • Tip the professional $2
  • Leave relaxed with pretty toes
Make sure to price it out.  I have found that salons can charge anywhere between $5 - $10 for a polish only.  It's cheaper when you take your own polish. I like to take my own color just in case I get a chip during the week.  Then it's just a quick touch-up that I can do on my own. 
So for an entire month it costs me $14 to keep my toes looking pretty instead of $20+ to have them done just once. 

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