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I Must Be Dreaming... My First Blog Award.... What??????


Seriously.  I feel like I'm dreaming.  Me???  I feel like a little grain of sand in this sea of incredibly talented, creative DIYers.  So the fact that anyone visits my little blog to check out what I've done truly amazes and blesses me.

Thank you Ruffles and Stuff for my first blog award!  I literally squealed and did a sitting happy dance on my couch when I found out.

The "RULES" of this award are that I am to:
1. Tell you 7 things that you don't already know about me.
2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated to let them know I gave them an award.
4. Thank the blog that gave me the award.

Hmmm... 7 Things You Don't Know About Me:
1. I'm totally into education.  I was a kindergarten teacher, a junior high art teacher, and teacher to adult ESL learners.  I work at a college and I'm finishing my masters degree.  My goal is to teach undergrads.
2. I'm obsessed with brushing my teeth.  I brush my teeth a minimum of 4 times a day.  On most days I brush my teeth 7-8 times.
3. I played the alto sax for years.  I once got to perform with Dizzy Gillespie and Chick Corea.  A-MA-ZING experience!
4. My favorite thing to do to unwind... look through cookbooks with lots o pictures.
5. My drink of choice is bottled water.  If I want something different or fancy I make Tang or Italian soda.
6. I've hitchhiked in South Africa.
7. I love the outdoors.  My favorite summer was in Oregon working as a rock climbing instructor and white water rafting guide.

Ok... now for the hard part.  Picking only 7 people who I'd like to give the award to...
1. Carpenter ant at the life and times of sticks and bricks
2. Beth at The Stories of A - Z
3. Britt at A Penny Saved
4. Kara at Creations by Kara
5. Whitney & Ashley at Shanty2Chic
6. Crystal at Olive Rue
7. Alexis at My Mama Made It

That was seriously hard.  I could have easily listed 50+


tlc said...

Congratulations Nori! Your work deserves recognition!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Nori, I'm honored. Thanks so much for thinking of me! Since I just did the honest scrap thing I won't be sharing more things about me, but I love that you chose me in your list of seven! Wasn't it hard to just pick 7? Soooooo much talent out there in the blogosphere. Love it all!

Olive Rue said...

Hi Nori. Congratulations on getting the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. That was very sweet of you to think of me. :-) I'm adding it to my awards page. Hope you are having a great weekend.


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