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No, I didn't just make some nasty sound. ;)  

Have you ever looked at a blog, clicked on an interesting link, then click on a link to a pretty image, then clicked on a link to a feature and then end up somewhere and have no idea how you got there?  That's blurfing (blog surfing).   So about a week ago I was blurfing and I stumbled across this site and immediately bookmarked it. 

Have you checked out The Inspired Bride?? OMGoodness!  This site is "inspiration for the hip and modern bride", but I think there are decorating ideas that can incorporated into an special event.  There are so many elegant classy ideas and sometimes a free download like this beautiful stationary (in different colors) WITH a pattern sheet so you can line your own envelope!  How coolio is that??
Country Chic Floral
Here are some more images from her blog.  Seriously, you have to go by and check it out.  And grab a tissue... you'll drool I promise. 
Real Wedding: Meridith + Colin
Can you say yummy????  YuuuuuummmmmmmmEEEEEEE
Ink Wells
Check out these yummy ruffles.
Kerry + Justin
There are these awesome inspiration boards with beauteemous photos. 
A Hana Design
Ooooooooo... and how about these frames that you can download for free??
Decorative Frames
How sweet is this party favor??  Simple and classy... I LOVE IT!
Hot Cocoa Vials
I also love their color cards that totally help me since I'm color coordinating challenged. 
Color Card 034
Did you stick with me or did you pop over there yet?? :) 


susan said...

I wondered what the term was.."blurf" is perfect!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Ooooo looks like a great site!

Disney said...

Oh thank you so much for posting this!! I'm doing a baby shower in January, and it's been a while, so I need some inspiration!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I blurf all the time. :)

Melody @ Party Cupcake Ideas said...

The hot coco vials are such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing about this fun site. Can't wait to check it out :)

bringing up boys said...

Ha ha! I just found your blog while blurfing! I pop in and out of blogs that feature decorating, DIY type ideas. Mine is not specifically about that, but it seems to be the ones I am drawn to. Your blog is very nice, personal, and well thought out. Have a blessed day, Karyn

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