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Christmas Shopping... for ME

I know, I know... horrible right??  Actually, I'm pretty much done with everyone's presents.  I just have a couple more to make, so maybe it's not so bad.  Over the weekend I ventured out to get a couple of supplies from Michaels and Joanne's, and I stopped in at Home Goods to look for a olive oil dispenser.  I didn't find one, but I did find a couple of other things...

A candlestick holder that I will put a plate on and hold my cupcakes. I think a white plate would look gorgeous on this, but I still have to find one. 

The other thing I found was this beauteemous teapot. I've already used it twice and I LOVE it!

I love the details from all angles. 

Both pieces were a little over $5 each, so the damage wasn't too bad for a little splurge. :o)

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