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Rose Bowl Flea Market

WOW! i had no idea that the rose bowl flea market would be so huge!  we walked around for over 3 hours and still weren't able to cover all the grounds.  

here's a couple of shots of what i saw (sorry about the quality, i took them with my phone):
wouldn't these mail cubbies be great to store some craft supplies?
or this (i'm not sure what it is...maybe something from a hardware store)?
every type of knob you could want:
 every shade of ceramics:
 and lastly... a shot of the beautiful day. :o)  have i mentioned lately how much i love living in southern california???
 hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day!

1 comment:

Frugal Home Design said...

Sounds like a junkers dream come true! I would LOVE to go.

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