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DIY "Emersonmade-like" Fabric Flowers

i am having so much fun making these flowers this weekend! if you're not already familiar with Emersonmade, you have to check out her BEAUTEEMOUS flowers. i would LOVE to have one of every flower she makes, but until my pocketbook allows it, i'll make these beauties...
here's a side view of the flower where you can kinda see the depth.
i just got back from my local thrift store where i picked up a bunch of fun fabrics for only .75 cents! i am attaching the flowers to alligator clips so i can wear them in my hair, attach them to a jacket, a purse, or a headband. TOO FUN!

by the way, i'm used this tutorial to make the flowers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello, These flowers are amazing, so beautiful.

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