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Letting It All Hang Out Part 2

i'm going to take a little break from posting about flowers. i really have been doing other things. :o)

remember when i told you i have some shocking pictures of my home to show you?  well... this post is going to contain some nasty pictures, so please prepare yourself. 

my closet had literally become a dumping ground for my shoes and all my clothes both worn on a weekly basis and some unworn for years.  i've had such a difficult time removing my unworn clothes from the closet for a number of reasons. 1) they don't fit and i hope to fit in them again 2) they're not my style anymore, but i hope to refashion them into something else 3) i'm limited on space so i just didn't know where to store everything

keeping in mind that i'm an outie (in regards to my organizing style), i decided to put good use the space saver bags my sis gave me. these bags are fabulous! not only do they allow me to see what's in them (for quick access), but you suck the life outta them and a whole pile of clothes shrinks down to nothin. LOVE that!

so here's some quick before and afters of my closet:
i know... it's horrible and i can't believe i'm showing it to you.  please don't shun me.  i read an article before about how much time is wasted because disorganization.  that's totally me.  time waster.  i literally would toss my shoes into the closet, so in the morning i'd have to search for the pairs.  i don't know why i didn't do something about it sooner because now i feel great.  getting ready takes less time and i just feel like i did a major cleanse. 
 what i really liked about my closet transformation is that i added these pretty plant brackets. 
so that i could do this:
it's not flush up against the wall but that's ok.  it's serving its purpose and i'm so short that i can't see that it's not touching the wall.  now that i can actually get into the closet, it's in the plans to add another shelf above this area.

now on to the next area... the bedroom!


Disney said...

Wow, I am so impressed! Can you come do mine, too?? Btw, I got your flower in the mail!! I LOOOOVE IT!! It's even cuter in person! I even wore it to church today :o) Thanks so much!

Nancy W said...

Great idea and looks good too! hugs from Conroe, TX!

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