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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

i'm feeling silly tonight. i think it's because of the time change... i can't believe what a difference it makes.  i'm sooooooo tired that i'm punch silly.

anywho, i've been making flowers like crazy (well, in between the cleaning, organizing, and re-arranging of furniture).  i can't wait to share them with you.  

i'm sorry that i'm such a slacker. i completely forgot to draw the winner of my little flower last night. 
 the winner is... {drum roll} 
 #2!! Disney from Ruffles and Stuff!
i'm always rootin for each one of you when i draw numbers, but i can't tell ya how excited i am that she won! not only is she uber talented, but she taught me how to make my first ruffle! and my first purse... and my first t-shirt scarf... you get the picture. :o)  so i'm super excited to share this with her. {disney... just email me your address and i'll get it out to you this week}

if you're really wanting a flower of your own, check out my tutorial, or check back on my blog for some updates. 
* for those of you who want to know where i picked up my no fray spray, i purchased it HERE.  i also read somewhere that Hancock Fabrics carries it in their store.

hope you all had a wonderful monday!


Disney said...

Ah! I can't believe that! YAY!!!! Thanks, Nori! I'll send you my email right away!

Jennifer Rizzo sanctuary art said...

That flower is adorable!

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