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Simple Beauty

dear thrift loving friends,
have you ever purchased an item at a thrift store and just knew it was meant to be?  like the piece was meant to go home with you?  do i sound like a crazy person? well... that is exactly how i felt about this lovely piece that caught my eye over 2 months ago at a local thrift.
$12 was too much for me to pay for it, so i waited and waited. i can't tell you how many times i've been in the store and i picked her up and carried her around with me debating on whether or not i should splurge. i always ended up strategically putting her back up on the shelf- hidden behind other items (does anyone else do that?). 

this week the thrift store had a 50% off everything sale.  i went in to the store a couple hours after the opening half expecting not to see her... and lo and behold...there she was... sitting on a shelf all by her lonesome... and you know how the story ends. :o)

here she is in all her splendor...
i love the base!
she is showing a little wear, but i think it just adds to her beauty...
 she has the prettiest little love handles...
and i love her unique shape...
flip her over and you'll see that she's a johnson brothers piece from england.  i'm not sure if that makes her worth more or less than the $6 i paid, but i just love that added detail!
she's pretty filled with berries...
and i think she has a simple beauty sitting all by her lonesome on a shelf...
sorry for how sad and barren my shelves look.  i'm in the middle of reorganizing and shifting furniture around in my office (posts to come).

ok... i just re-read this post before pushing the publish button and i'm totally laughing at myself.  the fact that i dedicated one whole post and 8 pictures to my new little piece makes me KNOW that it was totally worth the $6 i splurged on her this week. :o)

it's officially Easter! Happy Easter Everyone!!


Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

How fun that you finally were able to purchase her! :) I think she's beautiful as well, just love the shape of it!

Sande said...

She's gorgeous. I love antique china..have way too much of it. My youngest daughter use to the same thing...visit items she couldn't afford, give it little pet and then hid it. I swear, as an adult she still does it. lol!

She is probably worth some money though I tend to think she originally had a lid. It might have been a part of a set of china...like a covered vegetable bowl.

So glad...you found you "hidden" treasure waiting for you. It was meant to be.

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