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Weekend with the Family

this past weekend i drove up to the bay area to visit my family.  i had a nice early birthday dinner with my parents, surprised my grandmother with her bachelor's degree, and went out to fenton's with my sis and her friend.

this is a video about fresno state's 2010 nisei project:
and a picture with my grammie:
if you are ever in the bay area, you have to stop by fentons.  now they have 3 places you can go to get their delicious cold creations... oakland, oakland airport, and at the nut tree.  we went to the newest location at the nut tree.

i love the old looking signs.
and here's me with my favorite... the junior size black and tan.  yummy almond ice cream with hot fudge and caramel!!!  
man... just seeing the sundae... i'm dying to drive up and have another. ;o)

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