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DIY Business Cards

i've wanted to take pictures of local vendors at the farmers market for my blog, but i haven't because i've gone through this conversation in my mind... 

me: "hi, do you mind if i take pictures of your items/table/store for my blog?"
them: "sure, what blog?"
me: muttering on about my long blog address...

so it's been easier not to take any pictures.

i've thought about it more because i've seen several awesome vendors and i would love to share pictures of them and what they do.

i came up with this simple card to give them IF they ask "what blog?".
 (funny/sad story. while taking pictures, i ran over this card with my chair.  i'm in the process of making another one.)

i found some easy-to-find scrap pieces of card stock (yay for organized pieces of scrap paper!) and stamped white polka dots with white craft/pigment ink.  then i stamped my blog address with this customizable stamp i found at the office supply store (i totally forgot i had it and recently found it while organizing my garage). 
i love it because it comes with 2 sizes of letters that include http://, www, fax, email, and so on...
i just sewed a zig zag on to the paper, 
punched a cute flower, 
rounded out the corners, 
punched some holes with my cropodile, 
and i was finished!

i made some other variations too.
i like the different sizes and colors.  i know it's something that will keep evolving... i want to try it with different color cardstock and thread, different wording and backgrounds.  it's kinda fun.  my camera case has a little pocket inside and i've already tucked a few of these inside.  now i'm looking forward to taking pictures of some local vendors!  :o)


Jess said...

those are adorable business cards! I love the stitching especially!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Such a great idea!!! And I love the cards!!!! Glad to hear that you are from my neck of the woods. Happy to hear you liked my "letter art". You really have to give it a try. But it can be addicting. Hopefully I'll have something to blog about soon. I've been in quite a lazy period the last few weeks, plus I've been on vacation. Now it's back to the real world.

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