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New to Me Mondays 3

i really love how easy it is to find great yard sales at http://gsalr.com/

today i stopped by an antique store that is going out of business.  it really broke my heart.  i spoke with one of the main workers and she was having a really difficult time dealing with the closing.  she said that reality hadn't hit the owner yet and she was really overwhelmed with just clearing everything out.  they had a TON of stuff.  

this is what i walked away with...
  • 2 vintage hub caps
  • 2 vintage 7-up bottles from the all star game in '78 with the old Padres mascot.  totally awesome!!  the Padres are my favorite baseball team.  
  • 2 spools of gingham ribbon
  • 1 vintage clock... that works!
all for $10.00!!
seeing that each of the bottles were supposed to go for $10 a piece, i think i got a screamin deal. 
i just love everything about vintage clocks.  they're so simple and clean. 
i'm totally cracking up over the hub caps.  i just thought they were cool looking and that they would look neat up on a wall somewhere.  then when i got home and washed them off, i started laughing at myself.  my bf always starts whistling the theme to sanford and son's whenever i show him my loot.  i thought the hub caps would totally deserve the song.  sure enough when he saw them, he busted out with... "you're totally my little sanford and son!!" and proceeded to whistle the song.

after the thrift store i followed some signs to an estate sale and picked up these glass treasures. 
  • 2 vintage coke bottles for .50 cents a piece
  • 1 ball mason jar for $2.00
 i love the embossed wording on the bottles.
and i really love this blue mason jar... now i have 2!  i love that the metal is rusted.  :o)
how about you?  have you been out thrifting lately?  link up and show off your treasures...

linky rules:
- please link to your specific post, not to your blog
- please link back to this party in your post so that others can see what treasures we've all found

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