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Organizing My Craft Room

whoooweeeee... i've been working on my craft room in stages and i'm not quite ready for the whole reveal.  i apologize, but i'm going to reveal it in stages.  i have a difficult time deciding on things- so colors, location of furniture, etc. are always changing.

you'll get a snapshot of what a disaster my craft room was in this picture.  i started out with this multi-color drawer system that was functional, but the multi-colors wasn't working for me. 
i decided to spray paint it white, but oh my goodness was that a process.  i wanted to save a little money so i settled on krylon spray paint.  after 2 coats, the colors were still showing through and there were a bunch of little cracks in the paint.  you can read how i feel about this brand of paint. 
i got all of these little cracks in the paint and it was driving me crazy.  i realize that it's partly my fault too... i didn't get the application just quite right, but honestly, i haven't had this much problems with spray paint before. 
i gave up on this project for a little while out of pure frustration.  after i got over it, i went out and bought rust-oleum spray paint for plastic and what a difference!  i sanded down the crackly parts, and it still showed through a little bit, but the application was much smoother and the paint went down so much thicker. *quick side note- definitely invest on the more expensive attachment.  it saves your fingers and the cramping in your hand and it's much higher quality.  i started out with the cheapest attachment and it lost its grip on the can.  i should have started out with this one... i would have saved more money in the long haul.
here are the drawers after:
i LOVE this look SO much better! 
just in case you're curious, here's a run down on the contents:

1st drawer: i left empty because i like to gather all of my supplies in it and then take it to my work surface.  at the end of the day, if i'm still working on the project, i'll put the project and supplies back in this drawer and slip it back in place... it helps keep things tidy.

2nd drawer: INK- all of my loose stamp pads stored with the ink pad facing down so that they don't dry out.
3rd drawer: GLUE- all of my adhesives
4th drawer: LETTERS- rub on, magnet (that i found in the $1 section at Target and haven't found a use for yet), and sticker letters.  i love, love, LOVE rub on letters.  that's what i used on the front of the drawers.  i've had them for MANY years and they have come in handy many times.  i just think they give projects a finished look.
5th drawer: COLORS- my watercolor pencils and crayons, regular crayons and colored pencils, and chalks.
6th drawer: PUNCHES- all of my small punches.  my large punches are stored elsewhere.
7th drawer: EMBOSS- all of my embossing powders, tray, plates, tools, and now that i'm looking at this picture, i think there's room to put my heat gun in there too.  :o)
8th drawer: HARDWARE- all my hardware and hardware-type embellishments.
9th & 10th drawer: i haven't decided on the contents yet... still evolving!  :o)

did you notice my awesome new rugs in the pictures?? i picked them up today! i saw the rug at homegoods a couple weeks ago and i kept thinking about it and thinking about it... i went back today just to browse around and it was still there... ON CLEARANCE!  lucky me!! and there were two! i only saw one last time... i was and still am, overjoyed!  they look perfect in my craft room/office. i LOVE all the different colors! since i change up colors all the time, it's absolutely perfect for me. :o)
just so that i don't totally overwhelm you with all the pictures, i'll hold off until tomorrow on how i organized my stamps.

have a wonderful evening!


Alicia said...

Wow! You are amazingly organized! I think the only thing I have as well organized as your drawers is my email inbox and folders, lol. Great post, can't wait to see more.

Kayleen said...

OHHH, I love it! I especially love the labeled drawers. . . you said they were rub-ons? Brilliant!

Nori said...

thanks kayleen and alicia! omgoodness alicia... just wait until i give you the before and after of my craft room/office, you will probably retract your comment. LOL i'm totally not organized... just giving it a really good effort. ;o)

mamaTAVE said...

Thanks for sharing the contents. That's helpful to me, to see what other folks are doing. I have the same set of drawers! But, I like the rainbow colors and will likely keep it that way for quite a while. I'm finding that I don't use what is in the drawers too often, so I may consider giving away some of those supplies and relabeling the drawers for things I use all the time. Hmm...

Leanne said...

I always thought those drawers were functional but a little too colorful for me. I absolutely love them now. THey look amazing. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. I hope to see you again next week.

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