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Cupcake Camp

ummmm... when i read about Cupcake Camp and i saw that it's going to be nearby in riverside... i thought about it for about... oh i don't know... a 1/2 second and said.... uhhhhh YEAH! where do i sign up???

Cupcake Camp is where cupcake lovers (that's me!) go to raise money for a good cause.
if cupcakes weren't a big enough draw for me, then reading that they are raising money for breast cancer put me way over the top.  my mom and grandma are both breast cancer survivors, so i'm going to eat cupcakes in their honor! :o) 

from the Cupcake Camp site:
"Bake or buy cupcakes to bring  or  just come to eat and help support the charity.  Activities include cupcake tasting, raffles, baker competition, kids’ area, fundraiser and more.  The spirit of Cupcake Camp is SHARING: share cupcakes, share our joy of cupcakes, and share our fortune with those less fortunate than us."

doesn't that sound like fun???
if you live in southern california, come check it out with me! 
if you're not near so cal, check out the Cupcake Camp site and find out about a camp in your area, or better yet...organize your own (and invite me)! ;o)  how fun! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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