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Simple Cards

lately i've been on a paper craft kick.  when i'm blurfing (blog surfing) you'll find me on paper craft blogs. my faves have been all of the gals on the Papertrey design team.  the Papertrey mama bear is Nichole Heady.  now that would be a fun job... how do you get to be on a design team?  sign me up! :o)

when i make cards i like to keep them really simple.  i don't like taking out a ton o' supplies because that just means i'll have a ton o' things to put away.  also, i don't like a ton o' clutter all around me while i'm creating. 
i recently made this simple card...
 this is what i used to make it:
i totally grabbed the wrong stamp when i took the picture... did anyone notice that?  HILARIOUS! 
i made these cards for my co-workers because i wanted to write them a quick short thank you note.  i didn't need a lot of room so the cards are only 3" x 4".   since they're so tiny i made a matching envelope for them... CUTE!  i love tiny things! :o)

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