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Online Magazines

some of you may know that i don't like subscribing to a lot of magazines because i don't want the clutter in my home.  i've limited myself to 2: Real Simple (that my generous sis subscribes to me every year since forever ago) i love that it covers a whole spectrum of things inspirational articles, the non-obligatory book list, recipes, fashion, decorating and more.  my favorite part of the magazine is the new uses for old things section- in one particular magazine they shared 10 uses for a rubber band... it came in pretty handy!

the other magazine i receive is House Beautiful.  i subscribed to it last year when Amazon was running a special- 1 year for $10.  how could i turn that down?  if you're looking for a bargain, check in frequently with Amazon.com under their "magazines for $10 or less" section.  when you're there just beware of signing up for the auto-renewals.

to get my magazine fix i usually camp out at the library or the bookstore and browse through their selection.  if i find an image i like, i'll either snap a picture with my camera phone or if i'm at the library, i'll splurge the 10 cents and make a photocopy. 

another way i satisfy my magazine fix is looking at online magazines.  they are awesome, convenient, and i just love them. :o)

here are a few i have found:

Nonpareil Magazine
"Nonpareil Magazine is the result of a collaboration between Maddy Hague of the Inspired Bride and Kristen Magee of Paper Crave. Nonpareil is an online magazine that approaches weddings and other occasions with a focus on hip, stylish, do-it-yourself projects and inspiration, and our goal is to awaken your creative side and to help you plan a beautiful wedding in a more accessible way."
Nonpareil Magazine
Lonny Magazine
"Launched in October 2009, Lonny is a bimonthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home decor. Founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, Lonny highlights extraordinary interiors, innovative bloggers, and the latest market finds. Lonny has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and blogs worldwide, and has highlighted design luminaries ranging from Cath Kidston to Kelly Wearstler.

At Lonny, we believe in making design choices that lead to personal happiness. We value individual style and independent thinking, and are convinced that inspired design can be achieved anywhere—from the smallest studio apartment to the grandest estate.

OUR MISSION is to open the doors to accessible design and connect our readers to their favorite products and resources at the click of a mouse. Our freedom from page limits means that we can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people really live."
Lonny Magazine
and a new one i was introduced to by a friend through Facebook...

Gifted Magazine
"Inside the magazine you will discover incredible projects and freebies dreamed up by an amazing team of contributors, interviews with some of my favorite online friends and of course heaps of gift giving ideas. As you browse through each virtual page my hope is that you will feel a sense of excitement for the Holidays come over you and that any stress over seasonal shopping/crafting will be whisked away."
Gifted Magazine
if you know of any more, PLEASE feel free to leave the links and information in comments.  :o)


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