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Bakers Twine Sampler

hi everyone!
i have exciting news!  well, exciting for me. :o)

i decided to open a new store front on Etsy.  i wanted the name to be easier to remember and also to reflect my products... so i present to you.... Pretty lil Package on Etsy!

i've added some new colors to the shop:
dark blue and white
Dark Blue and White Bakers Twine
and airmail... blue, red, and white
Airmail Bakers Twine
i also added a sampler kit for those people who want a little bit of everything!  that's totally me.  when i go out to eat i LOVE sampler plates.  :o)  i've been waiting for the glassine envelopes to arrive in the mail so i could put these cute kits together... here it is!
Bakers Twine Sampler Kit
the sampler kit comes with 10 yards of 3 colors of your choice on a paper doily in a glassine envelope . 

my shop will have everything needed to make a pretty lil package... bakers twine, packaging, tags, and more.  please stop by!  :o)

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