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Easy Peasie Letter Writing

i stumbled across the coolest thing and had to share!

as you know, i'm all into paper crafts and a pretty card, but more than all that, i totally value a handwritten letter.  in an age when we are bombarded by text messages and emails, a handwritten letter is a wonderful surprise for the recipient... at least i know it is to me! :o)

so i'm totally loving this site Letterfu!  they make letter writing easy.  there's no need to go out and buy a card.  there's no need to come up with a creative card design.  just print, write, address, fold, stamp, and send!  it's as easy as that!
you gotta check them out!

1 comment:

Tausha said...

I just found your blog and I am so thrilled with your talents and your willingness to share them with me!! I have only been on your blog for 5 mins. and I have learned 4 new things! Awesome!! You rock!1 Keep up the great work because I will be back to thoroughly stalk you when I finish cleaning my crap-I mean craft room! I just have a quick question. I have been using mod podge for years and I never knew that you could get bubbles out with a terry cloth sponge? Would you mind telling me how you do that? I would be forever grateful! Fantastic blog! I am so telling everyone! Happy Weekend!

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