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New Home

Hi Everyone!
Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my little corner of the world and inspired me to keep my creative juices flowing!  My interests are always changing and I couldn't start a new blog for each one... that would be too overwhelming.

I decided to create a new place where I can freely be myself and not be limited to one topic or interest... My new home is www.noriann.com.  Please feel free to stop by and check it out!

Love you to in all of your creative endeavors!


DIY No Sew Fingerless Gloves In 2 Snips!

Wow! Where has the time gone?

Thanks Vic for the sweet comment on my last post.  That was so kind of you to take the time to comment and see if I'm ok.  :o)   

I'm ok... actually I'm great.  Just super busy.  A promotion at work, finishing up my masters in June, and my Etsy shop has been busy and it's satisfied my creative outlet lately.

I have been super chilly in the evenings lately... Can you believe that it's been in the low 30's in So Cal?? Tomorrow night they are forecasting 30! Brrrr!!!   It's been so cold that today I browsed around on Etsy for fingerless gloves and I found some inspiration on the recycled listings. 

Fingerless gloves are awesome because they don't slow me down.  I can still bake, work on homework, type, do laundry and wrap Christmas gifts all while having warm hands!  Yay!

Here's how I made my own DIY fingerless gloves in 2 snips...

I made these with toe socks I had sitting around.  I think the concept of toe socks is great, but I found that my toes get really cold in them.  My 10 lil piggies like keeping warm by staying close to each other. :o)

# 1 Snip the toes off.  This part gets worn up by the elbow.
#2 Snip a straight line for your thumb to go through.
Annnnnddddd.... You're done!  It's that easy!
You can make these with sweater sleeves too.  I prefer socks because they are snugger on my hands and arms. 

Happy Mother's Day!

happy mother's day to all of you wonderful moms out there!

happy mother's day to my mom who...
... encourages my creative side
... teaches me by example, how to be strong in life's adversities
... makes every holiday a fun celebration with her thoughtful gifts
... is an awesome quilter
... was there for me every day when i got home from school.  it was always reassuring to hear "how was your day?" when i walked through the door.
... made the most awesome peanut butter and sugar on toast when i was a wee one
... makes the YUMMIEST spaghetti sauce!!!

this is my first mother's day away from my family and i'm pretty sad about it.  it's the first one i've missed in YEARS.

i was fortunate that my mom was able to stay at home.  i never had a babysitter.  i never had to go to daycare.  a lot of people say that i was sheltered, but i call myself blessed.

thank you mommy for being there for me, for all that you've taught me, and for being a friend.  i love you.

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