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Not sure

I had time today to paint a few things. I've been trying to decide on a color scheme for my bedroom. My mom made me this beautiful quilt. I love pink, but I don't want a Pepto Bismol room. Today while I was at Joanne's I found a fabric with pink, brown and green. I really liked the combo and settled on it. I decided to change up the $2.50 lamps that I purchased the other day. I painted the base brown and added green trim to the lamp shade. I'm not sure I like the combination. Maybe it'll look better if I paint my furniture brown. My furniture isn't solid wood, so i'm a little concerned about painting it. I'll have to find some blogs on painting... I'm not sure what it is... laminate?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog today and thought I would say hi. I found a post a while ago that addresses painting laminate furniture. Hope this will help if/when you decide to paint your furniture. :)


P.S. I love all your thrift store finds!

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