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Finished!!!! ... guess how many I ate?? ;)

I finished making and wrapping truffles.
Here's a little snapshot of the process.

Although people might like the extra well of chocolate that pooled at the bottom of the cup, I didn't like how it looked. It resembled a peanut butter cup to me, so I decided to change my technique.

It created quite a mess... chocolate EVERYWHERE!!! All over the counters, all over my hands and arms. You'd think being surrounded by all of this chocolate, I would have snuck a couple into my tummy. But I ate a grand total of.... 0. Zero! Really! Just smelling all of it was too much for me. I guess I understand what my grandma used to tell me. She hardly ate a thing once she finished making dinner. She said the smell filled her senses and stomach.
Now for the fun part! Personalizing the truffles and wrapping them.
I'm making these for my mom's surprise birthday party. I'm really hoping my memory is serving me right and that she doesn't have my blog address... yet. Her name is Karen... thus the K. ;) She loves red and black. Hopefully she'll like how all of this looks.

The display stand is from my thrift store finds. I found more plates to use and spray painted them black for our red and black theme.

If you'd like to make truffles too, here's the recipe. It's really easy-peesie!

Directions for the box here.

Get in on the DIY fun at Kimba's place.


Beth said...

This is fantastic! They look so cute (almost too cute to eat). I am a chocoholic and would love to have helped you "clean up". Boxes are adorable too!

Jennifer Poppy said...


Becky said...

Those are beautiful! And they look delicious. I don't know how many you ate but I can tell you for sure that I would have made quite a dent in them myself. What a very special treat. They look as good as they must taste.

kirstin & jordan said...

I love these! love them!

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