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Blessed from a Craigslist Purchase

Have any of you found that Craigslist people can sometimes be flaky? I hate that. On Friday afternoon I rushed home from work because I found a china cabinet on CL and it advertised free delivery. While I was waiting, I contacted another person regarding a bookshelf because I am in DESPERATE need of bookshelves. I wanted to go by to pick it up, but I told her that I was waiting on a delivery. I called her later and told her that I would stop by on Saturday morning because I didn't want to miss the guy delivering my china cabinet. She was completely understanding. Well... the china cabinet guy flaked. I was so sad and frustrated.

I stopped by the lady's (Chris) house this morning and she took one look at my car (Honda Accord) and didn't think it would fit. She offered to drop it by my house later with her husband. How incredibly generous and sweet was that??? She said that they were dropping some items off at the thrift store later in the afternoon, so they could swing by my house at the same time. After paying them and 15 minutes of talking I returned home to work on my projects. While I was working I thought... "Hmmm... maybe that wasn't a smart thing to do- paying them and trusting that they would drop it off. What if they flaked and took my money??" I can be so trusting at times. And although I probably shouldn't be, I kind of refuse to become complete jaded about people.

Well, they weren't flakes. They showed up in the afternoon like they said and they dropped off my bookcase (it was custom made by her father... I love that!). They also had some other furniture in their truck. They said that their thrift store was closed. I loved the other piece I saw so I asked if I could buy it and they refused to take any money for it! They also had another piece and asked if I would be interested. Hmmmm... lemme think.... YES!!! :)

So my $20 bookshelf purchase multiplied into this:Isn't it pretty??
A corner unit. I'm sure where it'll go just yet.
I think I'll refinish it and put SOME of my craft supplies in here.

Wow. How blessed am I??? I'm going to write them a thank you note tonight. Chris and her wonderful hubby, if you happen to read this... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! You made my day!!


Beth said...

I'm so glad for the happy ending! I was worried that you were going to say they took your money. How fantastic that you scored so much for so little! Can't wait to see what you do with them, and YES make that cute rolling cabinet into your craft cart ;)! BTW-thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Made my day!

Proper Prim said...

Wow Nori you scored for so litle... I am loving that cart... I am sure you will make it adorable... it isn't really bad the way it is... don't you just love handmade pieces... I really feel that I got something special when I find out it was homemade...

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