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A Small Finished Project

So, I let you all know that I busted out my sewing machine last week. Now that it's up and running, it got me on another tangent... organizing fabrics and sewing supplies. I think I've got about a gazillion projects going on at the same time. At times like this when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that's on my To Do List, (by the way, how stinkin cute is this list????) I love small projects that make me feel like I've accomplished something.

So here's a small project I did today:
After with a quick coat of the oh so famous Heirloom White:

1 comment:

erin said...

I love reusing old baskets and updating them with spray paint! Great Job! I also am madly in love with the note pad you have! "the Freaking Never Ending to Do List" ain't that the truth!

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