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Here's a Tip Tuesday--Removing Large Stickers

Have you ever been intimidated with the task of removing a really large sticker?  Maybe it's not a daunting task for many, but it has been for me... in the past.  Recently I found this cute container at a yard sale and I thought it would be fun to use for a project. So I picked it up and brought it home and got to work on removing two large stickers from both sides.

First, I saturated the stickers with vegetable oil.  I just poured it directly on to the sticker and rubbed it in. I let it sit for five minutes.

The sticker actually loosened a bit just from the oil alone and I was able to start peeling it away.

It started getting difficult to remove so next, I filled the sink with warm water and dish soap and let the stickers soak in it for 3 minutes. Then I took my scraper and worked the rest of the sticker off. 

I was left with a little sticky residue, so I applied more oil, and scraped it off.  And voila! A clean, brand new looking container!

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