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It's Still An Early Christmas!

I received a surprise package in the mail from my little mamasita last week... Just because!  How sweet is that???  Wait until you see some of the treasures it held...

The coolest frogs from my grandma's collection. So now I have frogs from my dad's mom and my mom's mom. How coolio is that???  My mom said that this is one of my grandma's favorites. I love it too...it's so unique! So would you call this a turtle frog??

Here's another one.  Here's a shot of the box... both of these frogs were from Japan. 

Here it is in a ceramic bowl my great aunt made. 

And here it is sitting on top.  I love it!!!!

She also mailed me these awesome buttons!  

I remember some of these from when I was little.  My mom used to put button like these on some of my clothes when I was a wee one-- like in this picture when I was in first grade. Hilarious, right?? Not the dress with the buttons... I love the dress and buttons! :)

It's fun to stroll down memory lane.  That's what vintage family finds make me do.  :)  
Anyway, back to buttons... check out Beatrix Potter!!! 

I'm dying to make some kids clothes!! I need another wee one to have another birthday! 

And check out these coolio Dick and Jane fabrics!!!

Oh my goodness!  I almost forgot this other unique frog!

It even opens up!

It's totally an early Christmas around here!  I'm so blessed!


Disney said...

I love surprise packages!!! But...what on earth are those frog things??

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

WOW!!! You really hit the jackpot. The buttons are my favorite, but the Dick & Jane fabrics are awesome. :)

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