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Your Opinion Please

Whoa! Time passes so quickly!!! I can't believe my last post was back on the 22nd.  I've been busy making Christmas gifts and I'm excited to post about them, but I'm just wondering... how do you post about a gift with the chance that the receiver might see it?  Do you just wait until after the holidays?  That's a REALLY long time and I'm not good about having to wait.

While I figure out that dilemma, I wanted to ask for your opinion.  I've been hired to package up 20 boxes of homemade fudge for a contractor to give to his clients. I've come up with two ideas and can't decide.  Will you help me? 

Here's option #1 and my favorite.  I'm just not sure if the gold embellishments make it to foofy for a contractor to giveaway. (The bow will look like the one in my second picture.)

Here is option #2 toned down.

I will be adding a label, but I'm waiting to design it based on which box I go with. 

Here is the inside. I'll be able to fit 20 pieces of fudge in this small box.  Ten on the bottom and ten on the top with this cute divider sitting in between.

I made it using Martha Stewart's Punch Around the Page... OMGoodness!!! I'm in LOVE with these punches.  You can do a TON of things with them.  Martha is just brilliant!  The best part of it is that I paid 1/2 price for them this weekend at Michaels!

This is why I think she's so brilliant.  The edges collapse on the corner punch.  If you keep one side open, line up the line on the side to the crease in your paper...

... and punch... you can make this...

Pretty coolio, right???  Oh I love it!!!  Sorry... I just had to show you that.  Now back to my candy box...


Please vote on which box I should use using the nifty voting tool on the left sidebar.  Thanks for your help!!!


susan said...

Nori-I love the gold embellishment. Even men appreciate a little bling and their wives will end up with the fudge and appreiciate it also :) Your divider is beautiful--good job.

Kristy said...

Go for the gold! and I LOVE those punches- thanks for showing those... it is had to visualize those border and corner punches in the store! My c'mas list gets longer again!

Disney said...

I like the first one, too! I don't think it's too foofy at all!

Proper Prim said...

Absolutely the first one... a little bling makes it that much more inticing... you did a beautiful job on those Nori... I am sure they will be thrilled.

I am in love with those punches... I am going to be seeking those out soon...

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