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Tutorial: Ribbon Trees

I have been avoiding the malls to resist temptation, but they can actually be a great source of inspiration.  I recently saw these trees when browsing at the Coach outlet.

They were super pretty in monochromatic colors... pink, green, purple, teal...
Here's how I made mine from stuff I already had at home.

Foam cones are expensive at the craft stores so I opted to make my own cone.
I traced a circle and divided it up into quarters.

Cut out the circle and one of the quarters.

Wrap it around itself and secure it with tape.

Cut 1 inch pieces of ribbon and curl it around a pencil or chopstick.

Trim one end with pinking shears.

Hot glue the pieces of ribbon around the cone starting at the bottom.

Continue hot gluing the ribbon around the cone.

Here it is finished.

Add a little tree topper to jazz it up.

**There's 1 day left to enter the fabric giveway**


Kim said...

I haven't seen these before. There are so many ways you could use these.

Disney said...

Oh how neat!! I'd love to make a set of ivory ones.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial!! These are too cute.

Jamie said...

Wow! Those are really neat!

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