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Haiti, Facebook and Miracles

I have been overwhelmed the past few days with the news of the earthquake in Haiti.  I'm not a huge Facebook person, but this past week I found out from a post on FB that a friend from college was on a mission in Haiti with Compassion International and was missing. Many have been praying without ceasing and I have been glued to his wife's posts on FB to find out any news of his recovery.  

Yesterday we received news of a miracle... he (Dan Woolley) had been trapped in the elevator shaft at his hotel and rescue workers were able to extract him.  This is a photo of him and the hand that is touching his face belongs to a Haitian man who was in the elevator shaft next to him.  Through the walls they spoke to each other, encouraging one another that they would be saved. 

This is a link to a video of his wife (who was my resident advisor my freshman year of college), she was interviewed after she found out about his recovery.  In the video she states, "this has changed my life forever... just the value of life... so many things that were important on Tuesday afternoon will never be important again."  

I can't completely explain everything going on in my heart and mind right now.  I'm overwhelmed by a community coming together to pray for a family and an individual and seeing God perform a miracle.  My heart is also heavy for those families who have yet to receive any news (please pray for Dave Haynes, a camera man who was in Haiti with Dan and has yet to be found) and also for those families who did not find out good news. 

There is still much to be done in Haiti.  Please join with me in praying for the Haitians and for those who are traveling there to provide help and resources.  


The Paper Gypsy said...

What a wonderful miracle has occured in your life, as well as the lives of your friends. Yew, we must continue to pray for additional miracles in Haiti - prayers are answered.

Proper Prim said...

Nori I saw this couple on Larry King last night... what a wonderful story.

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