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i want a truck!!!

dear fellow thrifters, 

i SO want a truck.  i mean i really, really need one. can anyone relate? i keep my bike racks on top of my honda accord and straps in the trunk just in case i come across an awesome find that i can strap on to the top of my car.  unfortunately most things are just too big and too heavy to just strap on top. i'm afraid that i'll either 1) get a ticket or 2) crush the person in the car behind me.

take this beauty i found on craigslist.  
guess how much she's listed for?....
$20!!!! OMGoodness! why do i look on craigslist and torture myself??
and this beauty...
FREE! you're killing my larry! 

maybe it's for the best.  if i had a truck, my already full garage would be overflowing. my bf already jokes and says my place is resembling sanford and son's (remember that show?).  i bust up laughing every time he says it.

speaking of which... i'd better go tackle the garage and finish some projects so i can bring them upstairs.

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