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Happy early Valentine's Day!

dear loved ones, 

you'd think i'd love valentine's day because i LOVE love, i'm super sappy, i've watched the notebook at least 10 times, and i love pink and hearts... but the rebel inside me hates valentine's day.  maybe that's a little harsh... i really dislike it.  it's not that i'm a downer about people being in love, like i said, i love love... i just don't like having a specific day where people are "forced" or pressured to buy flowers, candy, perfume, etc... you know i mean. 

i don't think we should be limited to ONE day.  i'm a firm believer in expressing my love for people as often as possible.  i always tell my friends and family "i love you", before getting off the phone, i love sending packages and/or letters just because, and i love to make my bf special candle lit dinners at least a couple times a month.  and honestly, i like to be surprised with flowers or a sweet note and there's no surprise in getting those things on valentine's day. i'm still REALLY grateful for the kindness... just not surprised. ok... is anyone thinking i'm the grinch now?? :o)

with all that being said, i still couldn't resist making some pink cupcakes for my co-workers. 
this is my new "go to" cheater cupcake recipe. they are super quick to whip together and they make 24 perfect cupcakes everytime (i've made them 4 times already).  i like to add a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract to it to totally mask the boxed cake taste in VANILLA cupcakes.  the chocolate cupcakes don't need it.

have a wonderful weekend and valentine's day!

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