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Finding My Voice

This might sound weird, but after 121 posts, I'm still trying to find my "voice". I've gone back and read some posts and I just don't feel like it's MY voice...I feel like it's choppy and formal.  Just today I emailed my cousin back and forth catching up on our lives and in one of her email responses to me, she said, "I laughed and sighed all in the same email". It hit me right then that that's the voice I want in my blog.  Just simple, plain ol' me.

I guess a hard part about finding my voice is that I need to just type like I'm talking to an old friend. That feels weird to me though because it's like I'm assuming that someone is out there reading my words and interested in what I have to say.  That just feels cocky to me.  It's funny though because when I read someone else's blog who just talks to me... I love that.  I feel like I'm just sitting on their couch in their living room, just hangin.  And I don't think they're being cocky... so why do I think that about myself? Ugh.

This year as I'm approaching 37 it's been on my heart to get to the point where I love and embrace myself with all my icky imperfections.  I don't want to look back on my life when I'm in my 70's and think about all that I missed out on because of all of my hang ups.  I want to continue to explore new things and find my style.  I want to love each new grey hair and wrinkle.  And I want to love my voice. Even if that includes me jumping all over the place (I really do do that... many have told me that I totally lost them in the middle of a conversation). Have I lost you yet?  hee! 

Steps to finding my voice:

  1. The first step of finding my voice is getting rid of capitals.  They feel too formal and they hold me back from typing fast.  watch out! the words are going to start flying!!!  
  2. the next step is typin like i talk. today i was listening to myself and i say "i'm gunna" ALL the time! i try and try to correct myself with no success.  so just embrace it nori. 

whooooweee... {deep breath} so here we go. why does such a simple thing feel like a huge mountain to conquer? have any of you struggled with finding your voice on your blog?


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Hmmmm. I don't think I've struggled with finding my voice, but I am currently struggling with some things The Nester brought up about niche blogging. I think the struggles are related. I have continually battled on my blog with my need to just do what I want and my need to please an "audience". My tendency has always been to just do what I want. The whole "niche" idea is messing with that philosophy and upsetting me. Anyhow, all that to say, I'm proud of you for getting rid of your capitals and stepping out to be you!

Sandi said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and it is on my list of blogs to check every day. I like your style and find your crafts to be nothing short of wonderful. You are an amazing, wonderful, giving woman – and it all shows on your blog. Losing the caps will definitely let you type faster, then you can be all over the place a lot faster!

Finding your voice for a blog is hard - my first attempt at a blog was centered around my home- based business, and I found it a real chore to update as often as I liked. So I let it go for a few years and just came back to it in January. My current blog is written as a communication tool for my brother. He is the only immediate family member that I have left, and this is my way of letting him know what is happening with me. Whether or not he actually reads the blog is another story, but it is written for him. I write as though we were sitting around the kitchen table – talking, eating barbecue ribs and drinking a beer – very informal.

The reason why my blog centers around my creative side is that this is the part of myself that is dominant right now. As a result, I find that there are other people who are reading my blog (not from comments, but the counter shows I am getting hits every day). Although the blog is not written specifically for them, I am glad that they are enjoying it. Despite the outside interest, my blog will remain as it is now. Please don’t change the focus of YOUR blog – I love it just the way it is!

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