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Happy Father's Day

happy father's day to my wonderful pappy!

my dad has always been a hard worker. he taught me what it meant to have a strong work ethic and to never speak an ill word towards my competitors in business.  i can't tell you how much that has both saved and helped me over the years.

he started traveling for work when i was in high school, and although i missed him a lot then, it became a blessing when i moved away for college. whenever he was in town, he'd take me out for dinner and i got a chance to really get to know my dad as an adult. i loved our conversations over dinner and i still treasure those opportunities today. :o)

my dad has a huge heart, he's always young at heart, he's patient when i call him with my techie problems, he's a great golfer, and he loves my mom, my sis, and me. 

i love this picture of him because it totally shows his mischievous side.  isn't he adorable???
fast forward to his 60th birthday... he's still got that mischievous grin! :o)

happy father's day daddi... thank you for being a wonderful father and sacrificing so much for us.  i'm so grateful for you and i love you so much!


Weight Loss Success Stories said...

Wish you happy Father's day 2010 and also for all my friends.

Margene said...

Now the world knows what a great Daddy you have! love the photos. ^_^

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