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Produce for People- Community Gardens

i love where i live... i love the weather... i love the pace of life... i love the people... i love that people still stop and say hi at the grocery store... but most of all, i love the community.  when a problem arises, businesses, the chamber, schools, the city, and non-profit organizations put their heads together to come up with a solution.  

a problem plaguing our nation in this recession is the low inventory of food available at food banks, more specifically, the low inventory of fresh produce.  the city of murrieta, the chamber, several businesses, and non-profit organizations have been working together for over a year to put together Produce for People.  it is an organic community garden that is run by volunteers and all of the fresh produce grown there will be distributed to local food banks and senior centers.  isn't that AWESOME??? 

today was the "grand opening".  several people from the community woke up early to eagerly plant hundreds of seeds.
it was an amazing, heart warming sight to see people young and old getting together to start this garden. 
i'm going to be giddy with excitement to go back month after month and see our garden grow.
a funny side note... this is what happens when i wake up early and i'm excited to head out the door... i get ready in a jiffy and i mistake the eyeliner for my lip liner...  i busted up laughing when i saw the black line on my lip! a new look for me??? ;o)

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