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where do you find reclaimed wood?

i've been drooling over images like these that show reclaimed wood used as an accent in a home
to line a hallway
as beams on the ceiling
image from house beautiful 
as columns on a bed
image from house beautiful 
or beams in a room
image from house beautiful 
salvaged or reclaimed wood just brings such warmth to a room and i wanted some for myself.  that started me on my hunt for places that sell it.  

i was fully prepared to have to drive hours from my home, but after doing a little search on the internet i was shocked to find a place right in my backyard!!!

i took today off and decided to check it out Vintage Timberworks.  Vintage Timberworks "supplies recycled seasoned old growth lumber, beams, timbers, and antique flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of antiquated structures in which it has been 'warehoused' for up to 200 years". 

if you don't live near sw riverside county, don't fret.  they can ship the wood out to you.  they also provide a bunch of service like planing, sanding, and edging the wood.  

here's some edging work in process
if you live near their location, drop by and check them out... they are super nice, they have a gorgeous showroom, and you can walk all over their premises and check out all of their beauteemous wood. 

*just a little disclaimer... sorry about the quality of the photos... i only had my camera phone with me*
when i drove up, i was greeted by this pretty sign
and then this pretty one on their showroom
and their door... oh my
here's a close up... check out the holes and natural distressing... yumm!
they have samples up to peruse
i love the simplicity and beauty of this wall
after checking out the showroom, i just walked around their lot to check out what they have... and they have A LOT! *grab a tissue... you're bound to drool over what's coming next....
a close up
i love the old wooden peg in this piece
in the area where they do their milling services i saw these babies... it was funny, one of the guys drove me all around on a golf cart and when i saw these my heart leapt and i shouted, "STOP!" he looked at me funny and appeased me.  :o)   i wanted to snap them all up.  wouldn't they be beautiful as a table or just simply propped up against a wall??
that was a fun little adventure today... i am chomping at the bit to build something now. :o)

have a wonderful weekend!
it's been awhile since i've linked up to a party... tonight i'm linkin up to SNS! pop on over to funky junk donna's to see her beauteemous gates and what she did with them.


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Woa... that place is amazing! And those gates?!?

I think that's why I have so much woodsy stuff in my own home. I can't get enough of that finish. They offer a patina no other wood can. I'm on the lookout for two chairs that resemble old world wood now. But your gates would take away my pain ever so nicely.. :)


Cindy said...

Great stuff! I love to see reclaimed wood used in decorating.

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