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A Cheap Thrill

i love going to my local farmers market every week.  i almost took my camera with me today, but decided against it because my arms are always full of all of the yummy organic fruits and veggies i pick up.  one of these days i'll tote it along with me.

if i had my camera, i would have taken a picture of Tom, my favorite flower vendor.  he always wears a flower tucked behind his ear and always greets everyone with a smile.  he has THE BEST flowers.  they are so beautiful and they always last me 2 weeks.  he sells every bundle for $5 and he'll even throw some filler in for you if you ask nicely. :o)

a side note... i've heard a lot of opinions about how to make your flowers last longer... i like using the bleach method.  i keep a tiny bottle of bleach by my sink and i add a couple of drops to the flower water each time i change it out (usually every other day). 

i should have taken a before picture of the bundle of flowers and filler... what a bad blogger nori!  sorry. :o(  but this is what i did with them. 

these are lisianthuses. i love how romantic and delicate they look.  Tom carries them in a variety of colors- pink, white, purple, and this pink/white color.
this is some of the extra filler he gave me. 
and here are all the flowers together... as you can tell, i'm not a pro flower arranger, but i give it a good try every week. :o)
i love that i was able to create 3 arrangements with my $5 bunch of flowers!  i love trying out different vases or containers to give the flowers a different look too. 
over the weekend i put them in different areas of the house i frequent the most.  then during the week, i usually take one of the arrangements into work with me so i can enjoy them day and night.  :o)
i'm a novice photographer too... although i'm reading up on it and trying to learn more about all the different settings of my canon rebel xt.  here, i was playing around with the Av setting using a 50mm 1.8 lens. 
focusing on the flowers:
now, focusing on the stems:
kinda fun!

and that... is my cheap $5 thrill that i enjoy every other week. :o) 
what's yours? 

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