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Mission POSSIBLE- Reorganization of Garage Complete

6 days later... after building shelves, reorganizing, going through old boxes that i've moved over 10 times and never knew what was inside them, making multiple donation runs to the local thrift... I'M DONE!!! wooohooo!

i've gotta tell you... it feels good!!!

here's a little reminder of what it looked like before:
and here's what i'm calling the "ahhhh... AFTER" :o)
there's ROOM! i can actually move around in there! even dance around!  actually i did dance around a little bit... *a little side note:  if it weren't for Pandora, i'd still be sweating away in the garage.  Pandora plays a mix of your favorite artists and even introduces you to a few new ones. all you have to do is create a new station, say... 80's and then enter in a couple of your favorite artists. say... duran duran, madonna, and thompson twins.  and you're all set to go!  i LOVE it.  i have a gazillion stations to suit my different moods, and believe me, i changed it up A LOT over the past 6 days to help me stay motivated.  :o)

ok, back to the mission possible. i was a little bit of an innie in this project.  i wanted things stored away in the plastic containers, but i needed to know what was where.  i kept a list of everything that went into each box, typed it up, assigned each box a number, and put the list on a clipboard that i keep in the garage. now i don't have to open every box to find that extra tube of mascara.
i used these little rub on numbers that i bought at a scrapbook store eons ago.
small changes make a huge difference.  i hated my laundry area not only because it was a mess but also because the garbage wasn't easily accessible so i had a collection of lint balls on top of my washer... gross.  here's the before:
and here's the after!  the lint pail, the white containers for detergent and borax, and the lazy susan are all thrift store finds... gotta love it!
i also added a laundry line above the washer and dryer and i'm LOVING it!!! no more hanging clothes to dry from the doorways in my house. :o)
one of the highlights of reorganizing and clearing the floor was using my shop vac! i know, i know... i'm a total dork. :o)  i scored this on craigslist for $20 and it had only been used once.  it works perfect and i LOVE it!!!
one last thing i want to share... a total score on a recent estate/yard sale trip. new metal containers for my nails and screws! (the fan was a recent find from my trip to the melrose trading post)
AND... they were filled with an assortment of screws and nails!  i was totally going to make a trip to home depot to pick up more nails over the weekend too!  don't cha love it when things like that happen??
i think i earned myself a little nap... well, after i finish baking a cake for my co-workers. :o)  

have a wonderful week if i don't "talk" to you soon!

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