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Mission Impossible: Organizing the Garage

i'm off for the rest of the week and guess what i'm doing? hmmm... guess the title gave it away. ;o)   my garage is completely out of control and i finally gathered up the nerve to tackle it.

please pray for me.  i've been going at it for 2 1/2 hours and several times i've prayed, "please God, don't let me be killed by a bug".  hey... are you laughing at me?  ;o)  seriously though we have black widows in so cal and i've seen a couple spiders (not sure what they are) crawling away, so that's my prayer as i pick up box after box.

here's the beauteemous before pictures: (i'm forewarning you... it's ugly and i'm blushing with embarassment)
yes, this is the current purpose of my elliptical machine... drying rack.
if you were to look around, you'd see i have some great pieces waiting to be refinished... hopefully the garage won't take me too long and i'll have enough time to tackle them.

the little end table is going into my office with me after it's refinished.
the piano bench... i'm not too sure where i'm going to put it yet.  i originally thought it would be cute at the foot of my bed.
the shaving mirror was a bargain... they gave it to me for $2. i was actually fine with the original price, but who am i to argue with a wonderful saleslady?  i haven't decided on the color yet, but it's going to become my first chalkboard piece! can't wait!
i have to say... i love so cal and its palm trees... i'm loving the reflection in the mirror! :o)
and this is what i'm going to tackle right now... assembling the shelves.  wish me luck.
and don't forget... "please God, don't let nori get killed by a bug".  thank you for your kind prayers!!! :o)

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