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Simple Black Dress: 4 Different Looks

i've been working non-stop on my garage and it's coming along... i'm about 1/2 way there to the reveal.

i wanted to take a break from the reorganization and tell you about a new "kick" i'm on.  i've been loving consignment stores and thrifting for clothes! before i stuck with the housewares and wood furniture, but i saw a couple of cute things and i started opening my mind to the idea of finding a few gems.  later i googled "consignment stores women's clothes" and a whole new world opened up to me!

now, i have to admit i kind of love the hunt of finding something pretty and unique.  now that i'm finding clothes for amazing bargains, i find that i'm also willing to try different looks and styles... and i'm having a BLAST!

about a month ago i found this black dress for the amazing price of $8!!!  it fits perfectly and i LOVE that it has pockets.  

(sorry for the fuzziness of the pictures, i can't figure out how to focus when using the timer on my camera)
after i tried on the dress, i took one last look around and found this fabulous red belt.  at $4, it was coming home with me!
another thing i'm loving lately are scarves.  they're super affordable (usually between .50 to $2) and they're so fun to coordinate with outfits. they can really change the look by wearing them in your hair or tying them around your waist or neck.  i stopped by a new thrift store that opened up in my area and found these scarves.  i have always stayed away from yellow because i thought it would bring out a nasty color in my skin, but i was shocked by how much i loved it!
i'm loving these polka dots and the length of this scarf that allows me to wear it tied around my waist. 
do you like finding clothes at thrift stores or consignment stores?  what fun things have you found?


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love it with the red belt--too cute!!!

tlc said...

LOVE it!!!!!!

Simply Moi said...

Great Looks.. you are creative and I like you very much ,,

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