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My Work Office

since i showed you all my little dresser that went into my office, i thought i'd show you the rest of the space.  this is my work office, not my home office.  since i'm in my work office just as much as i'm at home, i wanted to make it feel homey.  i also wanted everyone who meets with me to feel comfortable and at home.

this is what it looks walking into my office.

on my bookshelf i have a lot of things, but the things that are the most meaningful to me are:
-the vases on the middle shelf.  they belonged to the wife of the past president of APU.  she was an incredible woman, my mentor, and she passed away from breast cancer.
- i have an oil diffuser on the next shelf down.  i love an environment to be all encompassing.  i want people to be effected by what they see, smell, and touch.  next to that is my tea pot and a pretty mug.  i love starting the day with a nice cup of green tea... it helps calm me and it gets me in the right mindset for the day.
- on the next shelf down is a picture of my first kindergarten class.  they were a wonderful class.  they weren't the best behaved, but they taught me so much. because they were a rowdy bunch, they helped me to learn to be calm in the midst of chaos.  that's something that has remained with me and i think i'm a healthier person because of it.  next to the picture is a SMALL collection of my children's books and a small collection of my mom's vintage Dick and Jane books. many times parents bring their kiddos with them to our meetings.  i love having something there for the little ones to read (and sometimes you'll find me reading the books with them too!).
- on the bottom shelf are some of calligraphy books by timothy botts.  he's an A-MAZING Christian calligraphist.  seriously amazing. 
here's another view of my dresser.  i really love having it here.  it has enabled me to clear all the ugly binders off of the bookshelf and now they're tucked away.  :o) 

i have my university's mission statement sitting on my dresser. it says, "Azusa Pacific University is an evangelical Christian community of disciples and scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through academic excellence in liberal arts and professional programs of higher education that encourage students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life."

i truly feel blessed to work where i am.  i love what and who we stand for, i love that we're always striving for excellence, and i love that we're always reaching out to others and our community.
this is my desk. i really love my little space.  it's calming and functional.  i keep the blinds open all day and when it gets dark, i turn on my desk lamp.  i always try and keep the florescent lights off because they make the space feel "officey" and they give me a headache.  i love the wreath on my garage sale find shutters.  the little shelves are garage sale finds. on them i have tea cups (you guessed it... thrift store finds) and sweet cards i have received from students. on the corner of my desk is my unique business card holder which is also a yard sale find. :o) 
this is where people sit when they come in to meet with me.  i love having the shutters there.  it brings more light into the room and i love being able to see what's going on outside.
this completes the tour of my work office. ;o)   thanks for coming and visiting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely, positively, no-question-about-it, brilliant! The dresser will have another 40+ years of life.
- Margene

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