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New To Me Mondays 4

i wasn't really in the mood to go thrifting this weekend... i know, i know... was i feeling ok?  ;o)  yes, i was totally feeling ok.  september and october are crazy months for me at work, and i am in class again, so when the weekends come i just feel like going for a nice long bike ride or staying home and resting and studying.

but while i was out running errands i noticed that a local antique shop was having a sale.  i made a u-turn and went in to check it out.  i'm so glad i did!   i've been wanting some vintage jello molds to hold little embellishments while i'm crafting... i didn't find jello molds, but i did find these cute little candy/pastry molds!  it's a perfect little set from sweden.  8 pieces of each of the 4 different shapes.
they look so pretty just all lined up in a row!  :o)
i also stopped by one of the local consignment shops and found 2 pair of pants (one abercrombie and the other inc) and a cute ruffly navy shirt all for only $11.00!  they're in the wash right now or else i'd show you (because isn't half the fun of finding a deal showing it off sharing it with someone else??)

do you have any new finds that you would like to share with the blogging world? feel free... post them below!  :o)
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- please link to your specific post, not to your blog
- please link back to this party in your post so that others can see what treasures we've all found

1 comment:

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

LOVE thrifting... isn't it just the BEST.EST fun??? :-) Glad you found some great finds...

Warm blessings,

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