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Numbered Tags

 tags are so fun to create and use.  i have to be careful or else it would look like a box-o-tags exploded in my house.  right now i am using them to label/number my craft supplies.
it's horrible, but i'm still working on my craft room/office.  these tags tie in with other things in the room, but i'm just not ready for the reveal. i've sorted my felt, sewing books, yarns, and some of my fabric into these bins. 

it was fun making these tags. they're so simple and  just looking at them makes me happy. :o)
these are some other ones i made that are now in my etsy shop. 
i love these with the soft yellow background. 
i have some plain tags made in various sizes as well. come on over and check 'em out. :o)

1 comment:

northern cottage said...

Super cute tags. I have those same metal bins that I got at - of all places - a small country Ace Hardware! We keep mittens etc in them in the winter and gardening supplies in the summer (at least for now that is how they're in use!)

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