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Loving Me Day 2

wow... i'm one day into this and i'm amazed by how my attitude has changed! i caught myself all day when i started in on the negative self-talk.

thank you jess and barbara jean for commenting and sharing your hearts! i love that we can support and encourage one another in this incredible world of blogging! blessings to you two and anyone else who is loving yourselves! :o)

so on the way home i thought about what i loved about myself today and i came up with this...
i love that even though i am an introvert, i mustered up the energy to attend a business event and i had the opportunity to meet someone who JUST moved to the area. she shared about moving here to help her mom and she wanted to meet new people and possibly start a business in the area. i was able to introduce her to people and hopefully make her feel welcomed and more connected to the community.

ok... remember how i wondered yesterday why is it socially acceptable to self-criticize and it's not ok to love yourself (that's called bragging)?   i'm strugging with pushing the "publish post" button right now because i feel like i'm bragging.  UGH... this is going to be a journey... i have a lot to learn.

again... please feel free to comment and share something you love about yourself.  :o)

here i go... i'm going to push the "publish post" button.... gulp............

1 comment:

Jess said...

That was not braggy at all! Kudos to you-I am chatty on my blog, but painfully shy in real life. :D

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