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Loving Me

please bear with my random post... it has nothing to do with creating... 

i'm sorry that i've been MIA...  i wish i could say that i took an exotic trip to a tropical island, but honestly, i've just been caught up with life... work, class, homework, and all the usual stuff.

and as long as i'm being honest, i have to say that blogging can get overwhelming sometimes.  it gets overwhelming thinking if a project or picture is blog worthy...  it gets overwhelming looking at other people's posts and thinking that i don't match up... so i just had to take a break.

i really dislike that critical part of myself.  i'm not critical with others, but i'm super hard on myself.  not only have i been critical about my blog, but i've been critical with myself regarding my goal to get healthy.  i have another blog that has tracked my progress to getting healthy and tone, but i have neglected to post on there because of a silly reason...  i take pictures of myself every 30 days to track my progress and i took my 90 day pictures 2 weekends ago and i have yet to post them because all i keep doing is looking at the pictures and criticizing myself... i keep telling myself "you haven't changed",  "you aren't making any progress", or "you still have a potbelly".

today i watched the oprah show that i taped on ali macgraw.  during the show oprah asked ali about what happened in ali's life that got her to the place where she is today... content with life,  and ali said something like... i started focusing on the things i do right and not on the things i do wrong. 


DON'T focus on the things i do wrong or on the things i don't like about myself.

i repeated that to myself for the rest of the show... it really struck a chord with me.

the closer i get to 40 i find that i want to get to that place where i love myself and i'm content and proud of who i am...  i'll never get there if i'm self-critical.

so i've decided to find ONE thing EVERY day that i'm doing right or that i love about myself and i'm going to blog about it on here. 

i have to share something crazy... why is it easier for me to share pictures of my flabby self in a bikini (on my other blog) and the thought of sharing something i love about myself frightens and embarrasses me?  i think socially it's ok to self-criticize and it's not ok to love yourself... that's called "bragging".

does anyone else want to grow in this area?  if you want to love and appreciate yourself more... please join me.  you can join up by posting a comment of something you'd like to share or posting a link to one of your blog posts about something you appreciate about yourself.  i'd love to read about what you love about yourself or what you did right today.  :o)

because i like to make little buttons to symbolize what i'm doing... here it is!  i'm just silly like that. ;o)
feel free to join me and grab it.

so... the one thing that i love about myself today?... i love that as i'm getting older, i'm finding more random freckles on random parts of my body... just the other day i found a freckle on my toe!!  :o)


Barbara Jean said...

I am also learning to look at the positive about myself, and not so much the negative. It is really changing my life.
Instead of always finding myself down because of what I have not accomplished, I am rejoicing in what I have.
Like bookkeeping at my store. I'm learning. Step by step. I kept up great for the first 6 months, and now I am behind. But look how well I did for 6 months!! And next year I will do even better!!

Good job, and good luck.


barbara jean

PS thank you for sharing your heart.
That is not easy. Love you for it!

Jess said...

That is a great message! It's important to be proud of our accomplishments! And I constantly look at people's blogs and feel like I"m not "doing" enough..ridiculous! I have to check myself and remember we're all here to be inspired and learn. :D

Ready Set Create said...

I happened upon your blog while doing my usual blog hopping and I'm so glad I did! What a difficult and wonderful thing you are doing! I think many of us can benefit from having this mindset, I know I can! Thanks for having the courage to do this!

Chelsea said...

Good for you, way to go!!

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