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New to Me Mondays 6

sorry that i was MIA last monday.  my job is crazy busy during september and october and i'm still getting back into the routine of being in class... i just plum forgot.

this weekend was pretty busy and i wasn't planning on stopping for any yard sales.  i drove past a sign in a senior community by my house and it was beckoning me. i stopped by on my way home and i'm so glad i did!

i've been wanting an old window for awhile, but never wanted to pay the ridiculous $20 - 30 antique stores ask for.  when i pulled up, the window was the first thing i saw... and when she told me that i could have it for $5... i didn't have to think... i was sold!  it won't take too much effort to clean it up.  now to decide where to put it...

then i saw this cute red lantern and asked how much it was.  the lady quickly looked over at her husband whose back was turned to us and whispered, "he keeps thinking he'll use it someday and never has.  if you take it quickly, you can have it for $3".  so funny!  i asked her if she put it in the pile or if he did and she said that she did.  i asked if he knew it was for sale and she said "no".  i quickly gave her my $8 and i was off. 
do you have any new finds that you would like to share?
feel free to link up below! :o)

1 comment:

Barbara Jean said...

did not know about this party. will try for next Monday. =)


barbara jean

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