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YUMMMM Cupcakes!

cupcake camp was a blast!  

sooo many talented bakers and soooo many beautiful diplays and deelish cupcakes!

there were a TON 'o people there supporting this great event... it was a little bit overwhelming.

here are some images from the day...

i love the name of these cupcakes... moulin rouge.  red velvet cupcakes.  yum.
 these minis were super cute with the little pink straw!

had to take a picture of these... all proceeds from the event went to the Komen Foundation. awesome!
 here is my sweet friend enjoying one her cupcakes.  blueberry.  yum!
for $10 we received 4 pink tickets and we visited all of the generous vendors who donated their cupcakes and traded tickets for cupcakes.  i chose the red velvet, a white cupcake with lemon curd frosting, a pumpkin and chocolate, and i'm not sure what flavor the black dress cupcake is, but is was too cute to pass up.  :o)
 i love the shimmery glitter on the moulin rouge cupcake!
i can't believe i made it home without consuming all of my cupcakes!

next event i'm looking forward to checking out... UCI's Vendor Fair

but for right now, my lemon cupcake is waiting for me on the coffee table in front of me and i have a cup of tea by my side.  i'm going to settle in and enjoy them both while enjoying the rest of sunday night football.

good night!  :o)

1 comment:

My Little Pumpkin said...

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