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Bakers Twine

the thing i love most about having an etsy shop is wrapping and packaging the things i sell.  perhaps that sounds silly, but it's true.  i get so excited when i receive an email notification of a sale and i can't wait to get home that night so i can wrap it up. :o)

thanks to ashley, i got to wrap quite a few packages this weekend! :o)

i have to back up a sec and tell you that i LOVE ashley's blog, under the sycamore.  i try my best to save it to read at the end of the day because it brings a smile to my face, but on most days, it's the first thing i read in the morning before i even roll out of bed. :o) she's an incredible photographer who captures the "mundane" moments of life with her 4 children, and she's a cross between mac guyver and martha stewart when it comes to DIYing her house and crafts... she's pretty darn amazing!  she's so talented that she guest posts for Design Sponge and Design Aglow.  you can't imagine how jumping-out-of-my-skin THRILLED i was when i read her Design Aglow post and ashley listed MY etsy shop as the place where she gets her bakers twine!!!!

so here are some of the packages i worked on this weekend... 
with every order, i throw in an extra 10 yards of a random color of my choice! :o)  that's what those itty bitty spools are... i always love surprises!

i'm getting some new fun colors in soon... i can hardly wait!  i'll be sure to post on here and let y'all know when i get them listed in my etsy shop

on a side note, i finally did a little Christmas decorating today while i waited for my peppermint meringues to bake...
here's a little peek...
i'm not a big Christmas decorator, but i like to put a few simple things out to remind me of the season and keep me in the Christmas mood while i'm busy baking and making and wrapping presents. 

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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